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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Record attendances


Gate money is less and less important to top clubs compared with broadcasting revenue and income from commercial sponsorship.   That is not to say that it is insgnificant, otherwise clubs would not bother spending large sums of money to expand their stadiums (although there is a prestige element there as well).   Gate money can give clubs a financial edge.

Some of the highest matchday ticket price are now to be found in the Championship.  Rotherham United fans had to pay £42 for the privilege of seeing their side beaten 3-0 by Leeds United yesterday.

Five Premiership clubs and one Championship club have recorded average attendances of over 50,000 this season, the highest number in history,  Manchester United have been averaging over 75,000 and Arsenal just short of 60,000 at the Emirates.

West Ham at the London Stadium are just short of 57,000.   Manchester City are on just over 54,000, while Liverpool in their expanded stadium are just under 53,000.   All credit to Newcastle United's loyal fans at an average of 51,132.

In 1947/48, when people were desperate for any form of entertainment, only three clubs topped an average of 50,000, despite the absence of any health and safety considerations (leading to avoidable deaths in crushes}.

Mind you, it was possible to sneak into some grounds without paying while it was alleged that some clubs did not declare the full attendance to reduce their entertainment tax liability.