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Premier League TV Facility Fee by Club - Season 2004-05


Values of the Premier League Television Facility Fee by football club for season 2004/05. The facility fee is one part of the overall television revenues distributed to Premier League clubs. It is based on the number of TV appearances each club makes during the domestic football season. Premier League Clubs will also receive a 'Merit Award' (based on their final finishing position - see: Prize Money table) and a 'Basic Award' (which represents 50% of total TV broadcasting rights revenue shared equally amongst all clubs; in 2004/05 this was £9.05 million each).

Stats Table: 
ClubFacility FeeFinal League Position
Manchester United£8.79m3
Newcastle Utd£5.18m13
Bolton Wanderers£4.80m6
Manchester City£4.64m8
Norwich City£4.58m 19
Tottenham Hotspur£4.47m9
West Bromwich Albion£4.36m17
Aston Villa£4.28m10
Blackburn Rovers£4.21m15
Charlton Athletic£4.03m11
ystal Palace£3.75m18
Birmingham City£3.52m12