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Paris St. Germain Football Club | PSG

Traditional PSG football shirt

Paris St. Germain (frequently shortened to just PSG) is the pre-eminent football club in Paris. It was founded in 1970 via a merger of Paris FC (a pool of financial investors) and Stade Saint-Germain. After 20,000 subscriptions from individuals who wished to see an elite football club in Paris, a group of local businessmen, led by Guy Crescent, CEO of Calberson and Pierre-Étienne Guyot, Vice-president of RCF Paris, asked the directors of Stade Sangermanois to become part of their project. In 2006, the club was bought by a consortium comprising American investment company Colony Capital, French investment company, Butler Capital Partners, and American investment bank, Morgan Stanley. In June 2009, Colony Capital acquired all the shares of Morgan Stanley, becoming owners of the 95% of the club.

Paris Saint-Germain has been playing in the Ligue 1 since 1974. As of 2009, the club had won two Ligue 1 titles, seven Coupes de France, three Coupes de la Ligue and one UEFA Cup Winners' Cup (in 1996).

Home games are played at Parc des Princes (capacity: 48,713).

Turnover and pre-tax profit figures are in Euro millions.

Financial Overview

Pre-tax profit
Wages / Turnover ratio (%)
















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