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One off sponsorship deal upsets Sutton fans


A one off sponsorship deal between FA Cup giant killers Sutton United and Sun Bet for their match against Arsenal has upset some Sutton United fans.  The name of their regular sponsor, Greengo Waste, could still be seen in small lettering on the back of the shirts, but the front had a prominent sticker for Sun Bet.

Fans argued that the sponsorship contradicted the ethos of a volunteer run, community oriented club and was not necessary given that the club had made approaching £1 million from the cup run.   The decision also attracted criticism from Liverpool supporters among whom The Sun is still reviled for its Hillsborough coverage.

The decision of the roly poly reserve goalkeeper Wayne Shaw to eat a pie during the game as part of a sponsorship also did not go down too well, not least with the club's chairman who did not sound too happy about it when interviewed on Radio 5 this morning, promising that he would be brought down to earth.  The keeper also faces an investigation from the FA and the Gambling Commission after a betting company offered odds of 8-1 on him eating a pie on the bench during the game.

Shaw has now been sacked by the club and will no longer be able to use his overnight accommodation at the ground.