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New mascot causes social media storm


Partick Thistle don't normally get a lot of attention, but their terrifying new mascot has caused a social media storm.    If nothing else, it should put a stop to 'Partick Thistle nil' jokes.  However, if mascots are mainly meant to appeal to younger children, this one doesn't fit the bill.   It would probaby give them nightmares.

Speaking on Sky News, the artist who designed the mascot said that it could be seen to represent the pain of a season spent watching football at Firhill.   However, given that the Jags had survived in the SPL, another decent season could justify a smiley mascot.

The previous mascot was Jaggy Macbee who followed the mascot tradition of having a colourful costume and looking slightly daft, but certainly not threatening like his successor.   Indeed, he was the proud possessor of a Blue Peter badge.   Perhaps he could sting the new mascot and put it out of action.

It's part of a new six figure sponsorship deal with California-based Kingsford Capital.  Whether it will boost attendances at Firhill is another matter.

Mike Wilkins, manager of Kingsford Capital said: 'I had been looking for an opportunity to get involved with something like this in the UK for a while but hadn't been able to find the right match.'