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A-league team for Western Sydney?


A second team for Australia's largest city to serve the sprawling suburbs of Western Sydney has long been a gleam in the eye of A-league bosses.   After the failure of the Western Sydney Rovers bid, they are proceeding cautiously.   But it does now look as if the idea is back on the agenda.

Former Perth Glory owner Nick Tana has come back in from the cold to take the role of lead investor while former Soccer Australia chair Remo Nogarotto is also involved.  However, more investors will be needed to get the plan off the ground.   The A-League had said that there would be no further expansions until 2015, but that could change if the money became available: a big 'if'.

One attraction is the possibility of derby games, although others think that it would undermine Sydney FC who draw many of their supporters from the Western Suburbs.   It has also been argued that Australia's relatively isolated federal capital, Canberra, deserves a franchise first.   However, investors are likely to prefer the Western Surburbs over the rarefied air of the capital.