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Ken Bates back in Leeds mix


Ken Bates is back in the mix at Leeds United as if the situation wasn't confused enough.  Apparently, the cuddly 'Mr Football' has an office above the Subway branch near Elland Road and was prepared to put £1.5m into the Sport Capital Consortium.

Bates has let fly at GFH Capital, telling them to 'get out of the way', although they are an easy target.   The Leeds Supporters' Trust has been pressing GFH to clarify what they see as the way forward.

Massimo Cellino has appealed against the Football League's decision that he had not passed their owners'and directors test, although he would really need some new evidence and arguments to succeed.  A challenge in the courts is always possible, but that would take some time and Leeds need solutions as quickly as possible.

Ken Bates Grates

Mr Bates is mainly responsible for the mess Leeds are in now, and also for the mess that he left behind.

He sold the club to the only Arabs without money, after he had promised he would only sell to buyers with the wealth and interest to take the club forward.

Mr Bates and his 'blood brother' Sean Harvey were the only ones who benefitted from the last terrible 10 years.The club was skint when they arrived AND skint when they departed. Only a man like Bates could try to put the blame on others. It is the pattern of his life.

He makes Mr Cellino look like an angel from heaven!Innocent