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Gulls could close


Torquay United could be forced to close.   One problem is that attendances have been falling.  Only 1,558 watched their home game against Guiseley, 250 less than their break even figure of 1,800.

However, a bigger problem is a number of impending legal cases being brought against the club. Torquay were taken over by a local consortium in the summer  and in order to cut costs they terminated the contracts of a nunber of employees.   However, one of them has already won a case for unfair dismissal. The total bill could come to £250,000.

An underying problem is that the area has a big retired population, either not interested in football or with allegiances elsewhere.   It was difficult enough to get decent crowds in League 2, but many National League fixtures are even less attractive and there are no big derbies against Exeter and Plymouth.

Torquay United closure

It is hard to believe that a consortium including local businessmen should be so ignorant of employment law that they messed up with not just one but several members of staff. If that's what brings them down in the end they have only themselves to blame. In addition I understand that they are still ;paying their former manager and assistant who are on 'gardening leave'. They refused to take a pay cut but it is hard to imagine that the team wold be doing any worse if they were still in charge. I'm finding it quite hard to feel loyalty as a regular supporter (most Saturday home games) when so little has been shown to others and less inclined to prioritise going to the match above other Saturday pursuits.