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German Bundesliga TV Broadcast Rights - 1990-2008


2007 Update: German pay-TV broadcaster Premiere regained the rights to show Bundesliga matches after getting approval from regulatory authorities for its deal with cable television operator UnityMedia.

The deal gives Premiere the rights that it lost out on to UnityMedia's in December 2005. Under the deal, Premiere acquires the sub-license pay-TV rights for the Bundesliga and 2nd Bundesliga division for 2007-08 and 2008-09 seasons. More at

Link to 2003 EU Commission ruling on Antitrust rules and the marketing system for Bundesliga broadcasting rights.

DM = Deutsche Mark

Stats Table: 
Season / YearsBroadcastersAmount per Season
1990/91UFA / RTL50m DM
1991/92UFA / RTL55m DM
1992/97ISPR / SAT1 / Premiere145m DM
1997/00ISPR / SAT1 / Premiere255m DM
2000/2004Kirch Group750m DM
2004/2008Kirch Group440m Euros