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Football sponsorship booms


International sports federations receive more than $2 billion per year in sponsorship according to the latest research from Sponsorship Today with football way out in front.

Report author Simon Rines noted, 'The report shows that Uefa, Fifa and the IOC account for half of all federation sponsorship income.  Similarly, soccer federations such as Uefa, Fifa, AFC (Asia), Conmebol (South America) and CAF (Africa) also account for 50% of global federatiion sponsorship income.'

In terms of industry sponsorship, financial services is the biggest investor with $360m committed annually, with the automotive industry coming secoind, followed by sportswear, telecommunications and alcohol.  The highest spending company is Adidas with an estimated annual investment of $196m, more than four times its rival Nike.

The report warns of the danger of complacency among major rights holders as sponsors are paying record amounts for prime rights.   According to Rines, 'They are looking for good sporting content and social media opportunities and if they feel they can achieve this through personal endorsements or other links to sport, they may consider cutting back on major federation deals.'