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English Premier League TV Broadcast Rights - 2007-2010


Sky paid £1,314 million and Setanta paid £392 million for these broadcast rights.

This deal represents approximately £28 million to each Premier League football club per year.

* Following the collapse of Setanta, Disney-owned ESPN bought the packages available.

Stats Table: 
ASky23 first-choice matches shown at 4.00 pm on Sundays
BSky23 second-choice matches shown at 1.30pm on Sundays
CSetanta23 third-choice matches shown at 8.00 pm on Mondays
DSetanta8 second-choice matches + 15 fourth-choice matches shown at 5.15pm on Saturdays
ESky5 first-choice matches shown + 9 third-choice matches + 9 fourth-choice matches shown at 12.45pm on Saturdays
FSky10 first-choice matches + 7 second-choice matches + 6 third-choice matches in midweek and bank holidays, Saturdays (12.45pm) and