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English Premier League Transfer Spending by Club 2009/10


Newly enriched Manchester City FC headed the list for transfer spending in season 2009/10, forking out a hefty £131 million on new players and recouping £33 million on player sales. The most parsimonious club was Blackburn Rovers who spent nothing - but sold nobody neither. Aston Villa profited the most - netting £12.7 million (Bought £8.7m - Sold £21.4m)

Stats Table: 
ClubTransfer Spend (£m)Transfer Revenue (£m)
Manchester City130.932.9
Manchester Utd.24.115.4
Birmingham City19.10.0
Tottenham Hotspur18.00.7
Stoke City17.22.0
Wolverhampton Wanderers15.30.5
Wigan Athletic13.02.2
West Bromwich Albion12.40.0
Fulham 9.410.8
West Ham Utd.9.23.2
Aston Villa8.721.4
Newcastle Utd.6.50.0
Bolton Wanderers2.40.5
Blackburn Rovers0.00.0