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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Dullsville transfer window?


The media view of the winter transfer window was that it was relatively dull because of the absence of frenzied last minute activity. Of course, this reflects the focus of the media on the Premier League and below that level there were some surprising last minute deals, for example at my own club Charlton Athletic, now run by a Belgian multi-millionaire on a multi club model.

Even so, spending was set to surpass the £120m recorded last winter. The season as a whole will set a record for Premier League transfer spending. The combined transfer spend of Premier League has passed £700m for the first time.

The net spend of Premier League clubs was, however, down on previous seasons with financial fair play rules looming in the background. Although this figure may need updating, it looked as if the net spend would be only £21.2m compared with £64.3m, £33.3m and £80.78m in the last three seasons.

Chelsea spent £40m on three new players, but had a negative net spend, largely because of the sale of Juan Mata to Manchester United for £30m. The two teams with the highest net spend, over £10m, were Fulham and Hull City, clubs who have scored less one goal per game splashing out to improve their attacks.