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Discussions about changing FA Cup


The possibility of offering the fourth Champions League spot to the winner of the FA Cup (if they have not already qualified) is one topic being discussed between the Football Association and the Premier League as they look at the future of the competition.

An alternative suggestion is that there should be a play off between the FA Cup winner and the club placed fourth.  All this depends, of course, on the fourth slot being retained.

Another idea is getting rid of replays.   Lower league teams might be compensated for the absence of a lucrative second game by giving them a bigger share of the gate money.   More ties could be switched to midweek, although Arsene Wenger has opposed this.   It also looks as if two legged semi-finals in the Capital One cup are on the way out.

None of these changes can be made until after 2018 when the current television deal expires.  However, there is a lot of concern about fixture congestion and its impact on clubs taking part in European competitions.   It looks as if the idea of a winter break is back on the agenda with greater hopes of securing it this time.