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Crucial errors made by Football League over Coventry City FC


A Coventry Evening Telegraph investgation has revealed serious errors in the handling of the administration of Coventry City FC, in particular relating to the assignment of player registrations to the right company.   In a statement Arena Coventry Limited (ACL), the operator of the Ricoh Arena, described it as a 'crucial' development in the long running saga.Football League chairman Greg Clarke has argued that the league' s actions have been guided by its principal objective of keeping the club alive.

Earlier this week Sisu won the right to launch an appeal relating to their application for a judicial review of Coventry City Council's actions which means that there will now have to be an oral hearing.The financial and time costs for Sisu have been substantial and I sometimes wonder why they don't come to the conclusion that investing in a football club was not a smart idea and cut their losses.  But clearly it has become a matter of pride for them.   They may also think that ACL will eventually go into administration without the revenue from the club enabling them to acquire the Ricoh at a heavily discounted price.

Just to be clear SISU didnt

Just to be clear SISU didnt win an appeal. They have lodged an appeal after the Judicial Review was kicked out by the HIgh Court.