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Clubs get over €1bn from European club competitions


Clubs taking part in the Champions League and Europa League in 2013-14 received €1.1bn from Uefa with 86 per cent of the money going to clubs taking part in the Champions League.

Performance bonuses were paid for every win or draw in the group stage (€1m per win and €0.5m per draw) and each knockout round reached, while funds from the market pool were divided according to the proportional value of the national television market.

Winners Real Madrid received €57.4m including the standard €8.6m participation bonus, more than €20.5m from the market pool and over €28m in performance bonuses, including €10.5m for their final victory.

The second highest earners before financial fair play deductions were Paris Saint-Germain who went out in the quarter finals.   However, they were due to receive €54.4m, including €33.9m from the market pool as only two French clubs played in the group stage and the other, Olympique de Marseille departed without a point.

With more competition for the Spanish market pool share, Atlético de Madrid received just over €50m, which included the highest group stage performance bonus of €5.5m.   Also receiving more than €40m were Manchester United, Juventus, Bayern Munich, Chelsea and Barcelona.   Manchester City were awarded €35m before deductions, Arsenal €27m and Celtic €17m.

The smallest sum received was the €12.2m that went to Anderlecht.   The team that did best out of the Europa League, Sevilla, received €14.6m.   Wigan Athletic did not survive beyond the group stage, but made €3.8m.