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Cheap shirts deal for Pompey fans


Portsmouth fans and staff have signed a £10,000 deal with new replica kit partner Sondico. The cheque – which will be used to purchase 10 community shares – was the first instalment of revenue from the ‘In Pompey We Trust’ commemorative t-shirt campaign which has gone down well with fans.

Sondico will provide Pompey replica kit, training wear and other merchandise. There is also a real bonus for fans in this deal. Replica shirts are often sold at rip off prices, given the cost of making them. Indeed, many fans avoid official merchandise and buy cheap unofficial shirts from stalls around the ground, an issue which once embroiled Arsenal in a legal battle with a stall holder.

Pompey fans will be able to buy the cheapest replica shirts in England next season at £34.99 for adults, £24.99 for juniors and £19.99 for infants.

Sondico, whose parent company is Sports Direct, recently signed a five year kit deal with Port Vale which involves fitting out their new mega store. The Sondico brand is best known for its footballs, goalkeeping gloves (where they were once market leaders) and shin pads.

Pompey T Shirts

You have it all wrong, the £10,000 is what was raised from selling pompey T Shirts made by Sondico and the proceeds went to the Portsmouth Trust to buy shares in the club. The shirt deal has not been disclosed.