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Cellino sues Football League over TV rights


Controversial Leeds United owner Massimo Cellino is bringing a legal action against the Football League over the collective selling of television rights.   The action arises from the League taking out an injunction to force Leeds to play Middlesbrough on Monday night.

Football League clubs currently receive £100m from their television deal with Sky Bet.   Leeds probably receive around £2m.   As one of the biggest clubs outside the Premier League, they could earn much more by negotiating their own deal.

There is a competition law basis for Cellino's action and Premier League clubs will be watching with interest.   If he succeeds, it would shake up the game in a way that would favour the biggest clubs.  The distribution of television money has been relatively egalitarian in the Premier League compared with, say, La Liga which is changing its system.

Leeds subsequently denied that they had taken, or were seeking, legal action to dismantle the collective selling of television rights.

TV Rights

I din't agree with mr Cellino on a few things but with this I do agree. Leeds United seem to be on television alot more times than other football clubs. Mainly because we attract high viewing figures and we are one of the biggest clubs outside the Premier LeagueTherefore why shouln't we negotiate our own television deal and benefit financially.

Parachute payments

why should relegated clubs from the Premiership receive an unfair advantage in parachute payments! Whith this in mind what Cellino is trying to achieve is no different. I blame the Premiership getting too much of a good thing and not sharing things out equally.