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Brighter days at Portsmouth


Despite the deduction of nine points by the Premier League, confirming what was already a very likely relegation to the Championship, things are looking up at Portsmouth.  Revenue and Customs have formally withdrawn their challenge to the club's administration, thus clearing the way for the points deduction.  The Premiership have indicated that they may give the club an advance of its television money.

There are five prospective bidders for the club of whom the most prominent has been Cheshire millionaire Rob Lloyd who once appeared on 'The Secret Millionaire' television programme.  Administrator Andrew Andronikou has expressed some scepticism about his bid.  Lloyd claims to be backed by a rich individual who will not reveal his identity.  This re-awakens all the concerns about transparency which have surrounded the club for some time.

Andronikou has also said that some of the blame for the state of affairs of the club must attach to former chief executive Peter Storrie who was a constant factor through six changes of owner.  Storrie has not been a popular figure with Pompey fams, although Andronikou acknowledged that he had done his best to save the club in the last few months.  But by then the damage had been done.