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Bradford cash boost from cup run


Even before yesterday's spectacular victory over Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, Bradford City had already benefitted from their cup run to the tune of £1m.  That has wiped out this year's deficit, part of which they had hoped to come from a sell on fee had Tom Cleverly's move to Aston Villa had been made permanent.

Quite how much they make out of the next round depends on the draw, but the number of Premier League clubs still in the competition who can offer a big away payday is diminishing.    However, Bradford might hope to replicate their Carling Cup run when they made the final, or at least reach the quarter finals.

Bradford had a reputation for prudent financing, which is not surprising when you have been through two administrations and are aware of the travails of nearby Leeds.   They are debt free, but perhaps they will now loosen the purse strings a little to give manager Phil Parkinson a better chance of achieving promotion.