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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

Boosting attendances


Boosting attendances against a difficult economic backdrop is not easy, although it could be argued that they have held up well considering the circumstances.   Clubs have tried all sorts of initiatives with Morecambe letting in fans free for one midweek match.   It certainly trebled attendances, but does not seem to have boosted them much in subsequent games.

This article, as well as looking at the broader picture, contrasts Brighton and Hove Albion and Millwall. Brighton, with the new Amex stadium, aim to offer a total 'customer experience'.    The Seagulls are a 'stand alone' club in Sussex, but Millwall face more competition in the vicinity.

Ticket prices have gone up above the rate of inflation and the Football Supporters' Federation has called for a maximum of £20 to be charged for away tickets in a 'twenty plenty' campaign,

football greed = rip off for the fans

I very rarely go anymore, the whole football scenario is corrupt. The FA, Prem League and Football League are only interested in staying on the gravy train of greed just like the Bankers, MEP's, MP's, Company Directors, Local Council Executives and NHS Executives of this morally bankrupt nation.         

Football allows it clubs to spend more on players wages than it earn's, yet wonders why ticket prices keep rising and administraion occurs, are they thick? No i think they don't care as long as they are filling their own pockets of greed. No club should spend more than 40% of turnover on wages, then they could actually have some money in the bank and cut ticket prices. Each league should have maximum ticket prices for home and away fans.

The premiership clubs are £2.4 million in debt (2012), thats 2.5 years of tv money which they haven't invested in bricks and mortar, or put in the bank for a rainy day or invested in producing new products (young players who may return an investment profit), no they have spent it on players wages and agents. That money has gone out of the game and clubs are in massive debt, it is just a neligent practice.

Don't bother with free tickets here and there or special deals, i won't be back till the FA, Prem and Football League change to protect clubs and that in turn means the fans because they are OUR clubs.