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Anfield development will not hit player spending


When a club builds a new stadium, it often doesn't provide the expected boost on the pitch and sometimes financial problems ensue.   Southampton had a difficult time after they moved to St. Mary's.   There is a lot to be said for re-developing your existing ground if that can provide what is needed and is not too disruptive to fans.

Personally, I am pleased that Liverpool are not moving to a new stadium at Stanley Park.  Anfield is a stadium that has real soul, one of the most atmospheric grounds in the country.   I have always enjoyed my visits there and to the city.

John W. Henry, the principal owner of Liverpool FC, has reassured fans that the planned redevelopment of Anfield will not dent the playing budget.   The Stanley Park scheme mooted by the former American owners would have necessitated going and borrowing large sums of money.  

This is a more feasible scheme that will still deliver additional match day revenue which the club does need.   Concerns about where the funding would come from have been set aside with the provision of a £150m kitty by Fenway Sports Group.