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Scottish Championship


More financial problems at Rangers

Rangers are facing more financial turbulence after former director Imran Ahman succeeded in a court bid to freeze £620,000 of their assets over a bonus dispute.   Rangers have appealed the court's decision on the grounds that there has been an 'error of law' and are expecting a hearing tomorrow.

£18m losses at Rangers

The Rangers Football Club Ltd. has announced losses of £18.1m in the 13 months to June 2013.  It should be noted that there is a complex corporate structure at Rangers and more information can be found here.

Green leaves Rangers

Former Rangers chief executive Charles Green has stood down as a paid consultant after less than a month in the role following pressure from supporters.

Mr Green was brought back to the club at the beginning of August, four months after allegations of links with former club owner Craig Whyte forced his departure as chief executive. He denied the claims and a club investigation found no case to answer.

Texan takeover saga at Dundee FC

The Texan takeover saga at Dundee FC continues. Dundee benefactor Bill Colvin remains hopeful the proposed investment at Dens Park will take place.

On Tuesday, Colvin, who’s already ploughed in a six-figure sum over the past three years, was due in London to meet with American partner Tim Keyes to discuss the latest developments surrounding their £1.5 million plan.

'Brutal' cuts at Pars

Administration is often seen as a reorganisation device and not just in football. It can be seen as a way of re-launching a business in a leaner and fitter shape free of debt. The creditors pay the price, but employees of a company can also suffer.

Pars enter administration

Dunfermline have chosen to go into administration rather than be liquidated.   Revenue & Customs had served a petition for liquidation at the Court of Session over a tax bill of £134,000 with a deadline of 5 p.m. today.  A group of fans has clubbed together to pay the administrator's fees.

Accies will survive

Hamilton Academicals are confident they will survive the demotion of Rangers to the third division of the Scottish Football League.   They are concerned that the Scottish Premier League could collapse and this would place in jeopardy their parachute payment and settlement payment.   However, they have been cutting costs for some time now.

Six clubs oppose Rangers entering Division 1

Six clubs have now opposed the compromise solution of the 'newco' Rangers being relegated to Division 1, Clyde being the latest.   Of course with Clyde having one of the larger stadiums in the third division, it could be argued that they have a financial interest in Rangers playing there.

One in five clubs in poor financial health

One in five clubs in the English Football League is in 'poor financial health' according to a survey by administrators Begbies Traynor.   Of 68 teams surveyed in the three divisions of the Football League, 13 have signs of distress such as serious court actions against them, including winding-up petitions, late filing of accounts and 'serious' negative balances on their balance sheets.

New financial worries at Jags

Partick Thistle, who have been struggling financially in recent years, have been dealt a new set of blows.  Glasgow Warriors, the professional rugby side who currently play their games at Firhill, have decided to move to the Scotstoun Stadium in 2102.