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Swindon lose sponsor over di Canio

Off the top of my head I can't remember  the last time a football club lost a sponsorship deal over the appointment of a manager but that is what has happened at Swindon.   The local branch of the GMB union has taken exception to the controversial political views of new manager Paolo di Canio.

Admittedly, the sum involved is not large - £4,000 - and they are not the main sponsors (last year this was the magazine 4-4-2 which fan 'insider' features on the club).

Rushden fans raise £50,000

Rushden and Diamonds have now raised £50,000 in their bid to save the Northamptonshire club.   They are trying to raise £250,000 to stave off the threat of liquidation when two winding-up petitions are heard next month.   It looks as if there were be a clearer view of what is likely to happen within the next week.   If Diamonds do go under, the money will be used to start a phoenix club.

Wombles ready for Football League

I know that many football fans were delighted to see AFC Wimbledon win promotion to the Football League in a penalty shoot out yesterday.   It's been a remarkable story and a great victory for fan power.   However, I do feel sorry for Luton Town who have also been victims of the football authorities.  They don't deserve to be playing in the Conference and they are only doing so because of some harsh treatment.

Mancini: give me the moolah

I'm sure the cultured Italian didn't put it quite like that.   However, Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini does fear that Manchester City could suffer a similar fate to Tottenham Hotspur if they fail to assemble a squad in the summer that is capable of juggling the demands of playing in the Premier League and the Champions League.

Why season ticket holders are not renewing

The latest Virgin Money survey shows that Premier League fans are least likely to be renewing their season tickets next season.    15 per cent do not intend to renew, a figure that rises to 22 per cent for Arsenal where there have been recent price increases.   Across the leagues, 13 per cent don't intend to go back.

Wolves supremo defends financial policy

Wolves could still be relegated on Sunday when they play Blackburn Rovers at Molineux (although it s not that likely), but chairman Steve Morgan has defended the club's prudent financial policy and had a pop at other clubs that take risks with their finances.

Top clubs hike ticket prices

Arsenal and Liverpool have both increased ticket prices by 6.5 per cent which is more than the current rate of inflation whether one takes the CPI or RPI measure, a move that has disappointed some fans.  Of course, 2.5 per cent of the increase is the result of the rise in VAT, a government policy decision outside the control of the clubs.

West Ham insist they will move to new stadium

West Ham are insisting that their move to the Olympic Stadium will go ahead despite the club's relegation.   A spokesman said, 'We remain totally committed to it.  Our target is to move there in three football seasons' time and we would hope to the return to the Premier League as soon as possible.  Our bid was modelled on Premier League, Championship and different scenarios - that has been the case from day one.'

Manager storms out in car rage

The world of football can be very strange sometimes and non-league football even more so.  But I can't recall a case before where a manager has left a club having won promotion because he was dissatisfied with the quality of car he was offered.    Admittedly, there were other issues at stake as well, but the car seems to have been a major grievance.

The cost of relegation

Friends of mine who are West Ham fans have feared that the club would be relegated for some time and now it has happened.    Although the owners have taken something of a 'not me guv' stance about the course of events, they must take some responsibility.