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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
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English Leagues


Fancy a job at the FA?

The Football Association has advertised the post of Group Finance Controller.  On offer is a six figure salary plus benefits which is no doubt the going rate for a job that requires ACA qualification and considerable management expertise in an organisation with an annual turnover of £300m.

Spurs go on offensive over Olympic Stadium

My original thinking on the Olympic Stadium was that West Ham was likely to move there after 2012, not that all their fans are keen on the idea.   I thought that the Spurs application was something of a diversionary tactic to give them a Plan B and allow them to put some pressure on Haringey council over planning issues.

Uefa financial fair play rules - a looming challenge

This is a special article written for us by Duncan McHardy:

In 2010 Europe’s top clubs were vehemently warned by UEFA that failure to break-even in the near future would result in exclusion from European competitions. In England we have seen the owners of Chelsea and Manchester City swap debt for shares in order to comply with the looming financial fair play (FFP) rules.

Another manager falls

Aldershot manager Kevin Dillon is the latest to be shown the door by his club.  That makes 16 sackings in the Football League this season.

Richard Bevan, the chief executive of the League Managers Association  (LMA), has pointed out that the average lifespan of a manager is less than 14 months and in League Two last season it was nine months.  33 clubs out of the 92 in all divisions have had a manager for less than a year, including ten in the Championship.  

Could Sam Hammam return to Cardiff?

This is certainly a possibility as the Malaysian investors in the club try to settle a loan notes debt that could be as large as £28m.   Hammam would be prepared to wipe off the debt in return for a 50 per cent stake in the club and role as effective director of football.   The Malaysian investors would then take care of all financial and commercial matters.

Are Crawley a moneybags club?

Crawley Town, who face Derby County in the FA Cup at home tonight, is often accused of being a moneybags club, buying its way to the Football League.   But an in depth report suggests that the reality may be rather different.

Wrexham deny asset stripping charges

The owners of Wrexham have emphatically denied charges of asset stripping over a controversial plan to sell the Racecourse Ground to a new company and lease it back.   More than 1,500 people have signed an online petition against the move.  Wrexham chairman Ian Roberts has said that if he receives the position he will 'stick it in the drawer'.

FA in a sponsorship fix

The Football Association is about to sign a new sponsorship deal with Vauxhall and it is thought likely to be around the £5m figure it earned from its former deal with Nationwide.  Two years ago the FA thought that with Fabio Capello's team progressing smoothly to World Cup qualification it could command a premium on its rights.  It therefore rejected an offer from Nationwide to extend its deal.  Then came the catastrophic World Cup performance in South Africa.

Managerial merry go round in full swing

The managerial merry go round has been in full swing over the holiday period.  Phil Parkinson went at Charlton this week although the club are fifth in League 1.   However, the new owners at The Valley were not impressed by what they saw at Monday's 2-4 home defeat by Swindon.   29 managers have gone this season which is actually slight down on the 33 figure from this time last year (but the number could easily go up over the next few days).

Map of football support in London

This map of football support in London is interesting, if only as a talking point.   It's striking how geographically squeezed the support base of the smaller clubs is.  It's also worth bearing in mind that a lot of support for the bigger clubs comes from outside London: my guess would be at least 50 per cent.   In the case of Charlton, a medium-sized club, there are probably as many supporters who have migrated to live in Kent as live in the 'home bor