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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
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English Leagues


Tenure of Premier League managers falling

The average tenure of Premier League managers is declining according to this blog post.   The average figure was always boosted by the presence of long-serving managers like Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes.   Arsene Wenger is now very much an untypical outlier.

Too few teams in the Premier League?

It's been argued from time to time that the Premier League has too many teams, given that the top clubs have heavy schedules in the Champions League or Europa League.   However, football economics guru Stefan Szymanski uses economic logic to argue that the Premier League has too few clubs in it.

New sponsor for Sunderland

Sunderland AFC has announced that BFS Group Limited will become the club’s new principal partner from season 2013-14. BFS Group is the main UK operation of The Bidvest Group Limited, which is headquartered in South Africa will replace Invest in Africa as the team’s main shirt sponsor.

The Bidvest Group is a global business operating across a range of sectors with over 105,000 employees across four continents. It also operates the largest global foodservice business outside North America and has significant presence in the UK market.

How much is winning the play off final worth?

How much is winning the Championship play off final worth? Estimates vary between £120m and £135m. Crystal Palace can certainly expect to earn a minimum of £60m from the Premier League's new television deal.

Palace have come in or out of the Premier League eight times since its formation in 1992, so should they be relegated they will receive £60m over four years in relegation parachute payments.

That makes £120m and what is imponderable is how much a club can generate in merchandise sales, improved attendances and match day revenues. That could be anywhere between £5m and £15m.

Football League still searching for a sponsor

The Football League is still without a sponsor after a proposed three year £10m per season deal with B & Q fell through at the last minute. The Football League has a cumulative attendance larger than that of the Premier League. However, the lack of a global footprint holds it back: that is what top brands are looking for.

German teams need to globalise says Bundesliga boss

Christian Seifert, chief executive of the Bundesliga, says Germany can learn from the Premier League's success in selling commercial and media rights overseas.   The idea of developing club brands gloobally is more developed in England, he believes.

In Germany most club sponsors are German companies.   Mr Seifert told the Financial Times, 'I'm sure we'll see more international-oriented sponsors in the next few years.'   German clubs must become more financially savvy if they were to sustain their success.

Bury FC saved

The future of Bury FC looks secure after a takeover of the club was completed this afternoon. The Shakers have announced paperwork is formally complete and the takeover sees the current chairman Brian Fenton and board of directors resign with immediate effect to make way for new board members to be appointed in the coming days.

Manchester United cut interest bill by £10m a year

Manchester United have cut their interest bill by £10m a year after a major refinancing through Bank of America. The refinancing deal on £177.78m of sterling bonds and some $17m of dollar bonds means that interest rates on the loans of between 8.75 per cent and 8.375 per cent will be replaced by a variable rate. Analysts expect interest rates to remain low for some years to come.

Is football a public good?

Is football a 'public good'?  That is the rather surprising claim made by the chief executive of the Bundesliga in an interview with The Guardian's David Conn.  

Walsall then Highfield 2 for Sky Blues

Coventry City are planning to play their games at Walsall for three years while a 'Highfield Road 2' is constructed nearer the city centre.   They have been impressed by a similar stadium built by Rotherham United in a town centre location which has a 'modular design' which means that it can be expanded later if required.