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What do lawyers think about financial fair play?

It's always been my view that the fate of Uefa's financial fair play regulations will be decided in the courts.   There is just too much at stake for a club who is sanctioned under them to accept the verdict without challenge.   It's therefore interesting to see that lawyers anticipate that clubs would use every route available to them under commercial and competition law - and no doubt a good lawyer could find many.

Chelsea Pitch Owners share buying spree

Nearly £250,000 has been spent on shares in Chelsea Pitch Owners (CPO) since the club announced their plans to buy back the Stamford Bridge freehold three weeks ago as the first step in the search for a new stadium.

Do Accrington need a new stadium?

Accrington Stanley's owner Ilyas Khan thinks that the club is not sustainable at the Crown Ground in the longer run and needs to move to a new stadium to be viable.   The club has already had to reduce staff numbers to keep costs under control.   A possible site for a £7m stadium has been identified near Hyndburn Sports Ground and Mr Khan might be prepared to contribute £2m towards the cost.

New youth scheme a threat to lower league clubs

Some Football League clubs think that they were pressurised by the Premier League into adopting a new youth and Academy scheme that will disadvantage them by reducing the value of a route for raising funds.   Leeds were one of the clubs that have voted against the scheme and have expressed their concerns.

Last five per cent remains in Argyle deal

The prospective purchaser of Plymouth Argyle, James Brent, reckons that his bid to buy the club is 95 per cent of the way there, but as is often the case, the last five per cent is proving tricky.   It doesn't look as if the deal will be finalised by close of business today which means it will not be concluded this week.

Can football and rugby league work together?

Various football clubs have at different times hosted rugby union teams.   QPR could ground share with Wasps as part of their new stadium plan.   Rugby isn't exactly great for the pitch, but it does generate some extra revenue, although it is hardly a game changer in financial terms.

Argyle rescue takes a step forward

The rescue of Plymouth Argyle by locally based businessman James Brent moved a step closer yesterday after the cabinet of Plymouth City Council agreed to buy the club's ground at Home Park and lease it back to them.  Mr Brent had made such a deal a condition of his takeover going ahead.

Scrap relegation from Premiership call

Americans who follow baseball or American football or even the MLS are often baffled by the idea of promotion and relegation.   As far as they are concerned there are major league and minor league clubs and that's it, although admittedly the MLS has expanded through the admission of new clubs.  Of course, franchises can shift from one part of the country to another.

Frugality and success at Newcastle?

Unbeaten in the Premier League, have Newcastle United found a formula that combines frugality and success?   They would like to think so.   In the match programme for yesterday's game against Spurs, managing director Derek Llambias unveiled a 'Mission Statement' from owner Mike Ashley, detailing Newcastle's aim to become a self-financing business.

Olympic Stadium mess almost finished Orient

Barry Hearn has revealed that he risked Leyton Orient's future to block West Ham's proposed move to the Olympic Stadium and he has warned the Government that he'll do it again if they 'illegally' shoehorn the Hammers into the stadium.

Hearn told The Football League Paper, 'We risked going out of business to challenge this.  You worry because all these legal costs mount up but we had a board meeting and decided that if West Ham moved to the Olympic Stadium that would put us out of business anyway so we had to challenge it.'