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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

English Leagues


Sir Alex the manager

Sir Alex Ferguson celebrates his 70th birthday on New Year's Eve and there is no sign of an early departure from Old Trafford.   Why should there be?   Manchester United have a good chance of retaining the title.   Perhaps what distinguishes them from other clubs is their ability to win even when they do not play well.

Rovers need 'significant funding'

In a statement accompanying the release of the accounts for Blackburn Rovers, owners Venky's admit that the club would require 'significant funding' in the short term.   Detailed cash flow statements have been prepared for the 18 months to June 2013.  

Ebbsfleet in trouble

Ebbsfleet United have said that they need to find £50,000 by the end of April or the club's future is in real danger.   Since promotion to the Blue Square Bet Premier crowds have averaged only 1,063 and commercial revenue is lower than anticipated.

Rescue bid for Kettering

Times have been desperate at Conference club Kettering Town FC.   They owe about £250,000 to various creditors including Crawley Town FC which means they have been placed under a transfer embargo.  They are down to just ten contracted players and no coach could be provided to take the players to yesterday's 5-0 defeat at Luton.   They are now perilously close to the relegation zone.

£18.6m loss anticipated at Blackburn Rovers

Venky's are expected to announce a £18.6m loss in their first year in charge at Blackburn Rovers.  £13.8m went on transfers and agents' fees and £4.8m was incurred in costs including pay offs to sacked manager Sam Allerdyce and other senior staff.   The total payroll at the club is around £50m.

Gallacher speaks out on Rovers sinking into abyss

Kevin Gallacher was a striker with Blackburn Rovers who formed part of the Premiership winning title side and he has spoken out about his concerns about the club and his fear that it is 'going into the abyss'.   He argues that Steve Kean's position as manager has become 'untenable'.

Adidas to wait and see on Suarez

Liverpool striker Luis Suárez who has been found guilty by the FA of racially abusing Patrick Evra has a lucrative boot deal with adidas.   Adidas have said that they will wait the outcome of any appeal before making an assessment of the case and for the time being will not make any statement which is undoubtedly sensible given the controversy it has generated.

'We Want Our Yeovil Town Back'

Yeovil Town have one of the greatest histories of FA Cup giant killing in English football, but last week they were the slain giants after they were beaten at home by Fleetwood Town.   A group of supporters think that there are more fundamental problems at the club and have formed a campaign around the theme 'We Want Our Yeovil Town Back'.

Barnet to leave Underhill

Barnet are to leave Underhill next season after 104  years.   This follows a complex dispute with the local Council about the lease and access to the ground in which each side blames the other.    The club may ground share in the short term.   However, they have already built a £11m training centre in Harrow  and have gained planning permission for a stadium on the 44-acre site.

'Cluck off, Venky's'

This was the placard a Blackburn Rovers fan was holding aloft at a recent game.  You can see where he is coming from.    For at least two decades, Blackburn Rovers have been punching above their weight.   Jack Walker's millions helped them to become the only club outside the top group to win a Premier League title, but they have also benefitted from being well run.   When top clubs came to Ewood Park they knew they had a game on.