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The Premiership


Mourinho talks hit trademark snag

The negotiations over José Mourinho's contract with Manchester United have hit a snag over his trademark.  Chelsea will demand a settlement of several million pounds to pass on the trademark for him which the club has owned since 2006.

Chelsea owns three separate Mourinho trademarks which are due to expire between 2023 and 2025.   If retained, they would prevent United attaching their manager's name to a wide range of merchandise including teddy bears, after shave, computer games and football boots.

Arsenal top money league

Arsenal became the first team to collect more than £100m in Premier League prize money in the season just ended.   Next year the club that comes 20th is likely to earn that.

Following their £101m came Manchester City with £96.7m, Manchester United with £96.5m and Tottenham Hotspur with £95.2m.  

Title winners Leicester City came in fifth, receiving £93.2m.   Their matches were selected for broadcast only 15 times, compared with 26 at Manchester United and 25 at Manchester City.

New Villa owner not quite what he seemed

What is claimed to be a 'miscommunication' led to Aston Villa overstating the number of companies under the control of new owner Tony Xia.   

It was claimed that his company had the controlling interest in five publicly listed companies.   In fact it only has a 75 per cent stake in Lotus Health, a large producer of the food additive MSG.   Four other companies are said to be in the process of acquisition.

Sunderland seek to boost finances

New Sunderland chief executive Ellis Short has been given the task of boosting the club's finances.  Their last set of accounts showed that pre-tax losses has gone up by £8m to £25.4m.   Turnover fell from £104.1m to £101.1m.

Staying in the Premier League was vital as they will benefit from the new television contracts.  Boosting sponsorship and merchandising revenues may not be easy.

New Chelsea kit deal expected

Having terminated its kit deal with adidas which was worth £30m a year, Chelsea are expected to conclude a new deal with Nike worth £600m over ten years.  This would rank them second after Manchester United in terms of kit deals.   Arsenal's kit deal with Puma is worth just over £30m a year.

What is the state of Norwich City's finances?

Well-informed local sources have denied claims that Norwich City are in a financial crisis.   Of course, any relegation is going to be accompanied by some players being released and I would expect the Canaries to have clauses in players' contracts that reduce their salaries in the event of relegation.

Everton abandon Walton Hall stadium plans

Everton have abandoned plans to build a new stadium at nearby Walton Hall Park, ostensibly for economic reasons, although the plan attracted strong local opposition.

Together with the City Council they have identified two possible alternative sites.   The city's mayor believes that a new stadium could be up and running in three years which is quite ambitious given the planning involved and the time needed for construction.

Record quarter at United

Indifferent results on the pitch have done no harm to Manchester United's financial results with the club announcing record quarterly earnings which mean that they are on track for year end revenues of £500m or more.

Revenues were £123.4m, up just under 30 per cent on the same period last year.   There was a profit of £11.7m compared with a loss of £7.1m last year.

Newcastle and Sunderland compared

The relegation of Newcastle United means that the club will lose out on the proceeds of the first year of the £5.1bn television deal with Sky and BT.   The bottom placed club will receive more money than has gone to Leicester City as champions this year.

Newcastle will receive parachute payments of 55 per cent of the share of broadcast revenue in the first year, then 45 per cent and 20 per cent in subsequent years, if they do not win promotion.

A tale of two cities

Leicester City's participation in the Champions League and the Premiership should bring in £22m to the city in terms of the money spent by visiting fans on accommodation and food.    Foreign visitors doing a Premier League tour will be keen to add the King Power stadium to the venues they visit, alongside more familliar destinations such as the Emirates and Old Trafford.