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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme

The Premiership


The cost of being a mascot

Many Premier League clubs charge as much as £450 for their mascot packages and West Ham charge as much as £600 for some games.   However, eleven clubs charge nothing, including Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester City and Manchester United.

Could Qatar bid for Spurs?

Qatar currently lacks a Premiership football club in its trophy cabinet.   Reports are circulating that they may be interested in acquiring Spurs, an interest being stimulated by London mayor Boris Johnson.  He sees the new stadium at White Hart Lane as key to the deprived area's regeneration, but at the moment the project is stalled.

Qatar Sports Investments, which owns Paris Saint Germain, has said that its focus is there and it is not interested in investing in Spurs or any other European club.  But that does not rule out interest from other Qatari entities.

Friday night games in Premier League auction

Up to ten Friday night games will be included in the new Premier League television rights package to run for three seasons from August 2016.   The Friday night games will form part of the Monday night package. 168 live matches will be available, 14 more than at present and accounting for 44 per cent of all Premier League matches.

No broadcaster will be able to show more than five of the seven packages.    The Qatar based beIN Sports may enter the bidding war.   ITV is expected to contest BBC for the highlights package.

US channel to screen Everton matches

US sports channel GoITV is to screen Everton matches and has concluded a similar deal with Benfica.   Premier League matches are to be shown with a delay.   There will be a three hour programme segment and a post match show.

Why Everton?   The attraction is keeper Tim Howard.

Glazer sells United shares

Edward Glazer is to sell 3 million Manchester United shares he inherited on the death of his father.  The announcement was made during last night's game against Southampton.

Estimates of how much he will receive vary.   Sports journalist David Conn thinks he could make as much as $40m, but other estimates put it between $28m-$30m.   In any event there will be no financial benefit to the club.

No managers sacked shock

No Premier League managers have been sacked so far this season.  Assuming all the managers survive this weekend, which seems likely, it will be eighteen years since we have had to wait so long for the first sacking.   There have been only two Premier League seasons in which the first sacking has been later.

Last season twelve managers got the boot and three had already gone before they had been able to put their signature on the club Christmas card.

QPR ready to take Football League to court

The Football League is now examining the accounts submitted by Championship clubs to see if they exceeded the allowable loss limit of £8m (some expenditure is excluded such as youth development).   The League is expected to announce its findings in the next few weeks to ensure that any appeals can be held before the transfer window opens on January 1st.

Liverpool ready to expand Anfield

Liverpool expect the redevelopment of the main stand at Anfield to earn the club an extra £20m per season.   The cost of the £114m project is being funded by an interest free loan from owners Fenway Sports Group (FSG) out of their cash reserves.

Liverpool will repay the loan to FSG over five-and-a-half years.   The possibility of securing a naming rights partner is being pursued, something that would be available for a one off payment of £10m.

'Financial sustainability' at Manchester City

Manchester City have claimed that they have achieved 'financial sustainability' after reporting much reduced losses of £23m for 2013-14.   That figure includes the £16m financial fair play penalty deducted from Champions League payments due to the club.   If it had not been this deduction, the club would have been close to break even.   They expect to break even next year.   In 2011-12 and 2012-13 they made losses of £148.5m.

New threat to QPR stadium plans

Queens Park Rangers face a new threat to their plan to build a stadium at Old Oak Common.   Cargiant, the biggest landowner in the area, have now teamed up with the property company owned by the billionaire Livingstone brothers, giving their alternative project more credibility.  However, a consultation suggests that 90 per cent of local residents favour QPR's plans.