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Wrexham takeover in trouble

Wrexham owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts have issued the Wrexham Supporters' Trust with a deadline to come up with a non-refundable deposit by 5 p.m. tomorrow to show they are serious about taking over.   They claim that the delays in the change of ownership, which have dragged on since the end of last season, influenced the decision of manager Dean Saunders to walk away.

Winding up petition issued against Truro City

Revenue and Customs have issued a winding up petition against Truro City FC over a debt of around £200,000.  They have to appear in court on October 31st.

Argyle takeover by end of week

With Plymouth Argyle experiencing a faltering start to the season, joint administrator, Brendan Guilfoyle, has reiterated that he expects the takeover to go through by the end of this week.

Guilfoyle said: 'We asked of proof of funds from BIL, which is the company that Kevin Heaney's behind, and we haven't had proof of funds [yet], but what we have had from his solicitors is evidence of a funding line that he's working on and there's some due diligence going on.'

Fans save Wrexham

In an amazing fund-raising effort, Wrexham fans up come up with £100,000 to enable their club to compete in the Blue Square Premiership in the coming season.    The Conference had demanded a £250,000 bond from the club and current owner Geoff Moss had come forward with £150,000.   By 10.30 this morning, with the deadline looming at 5 p.m., the fans had raised £40,000, but they managed to find another £60,000

League football the aim for Braintree?

It has been suggested that league football is the long-term unspoken aim for Braintree Town as the club plans for a new 6,000-seater stadium.   It has been indicated that planning permission would be given to build homes on the current Cressing Road location, helping to fund a move.   It is hoped that the new stadium will be ready in some five years' time between 2016 and 2018.

Wrexham AFC dismiss crunch day fears

Wrexham AFC have dismissed fears that they may be booted out of the Football Conference tomorrow.   With their fingers burnt by the Rushden & Diamonds episode, the league are demanding a £250,000 security bond.   They also want proof that all previous creditors have been paid in full and want to see a detailed business plan explaining how the club will pay their way.   If they can't satisfy the Conference that they

Non-league clubs close

The past couple of weeks has seen more non-league clubs close.  There are usually special factors in each case, but what is perhaps surprising is that the majority of the recent examples are in prosperous towns in southern England where the recession has struck less hard.   In general, however, non-league clubs are vulnerable to cash flow problems and often do not control their own grounds.

Wrexham face closure threat

With their players effectively on strike after the club ran out of money, Wrexham FC face a real threat of closure.   The club has been mired in financial problems for years, but the latest blow came when Crusaders, who have shared the ground, withdrew their application for a Rugby Super League license because they had run out of cash.

Phoenix clubs face tougher climate

Phoenix clubs which have been re-formed after clubs have run into financial trouble have been an increasingly prominent feature of non-league football.   Recent examples include Nuneaton Town (replacing Nuneaton Borough), Farnborough Town (replacing Farnborough) and AFC Telford (replacing Telford).

Supporters' bid at Wrexham hits snags

Wrexham fans have been second to none in their long drawn out battle to save their club and put it on a sound footing.   Today some of them are climbing Snowdon in a bid to raise another £20,000 and, assuming that the weather is as unseasonable as it is in the Midlands (rain and strong winds) that will be no stroll up the mountainside.