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Diamonds get a reprieve

The winding-up order brought against Rushden & Diamonds has been adjourned for 21 days.  This will give potential Japanese investors a chance to show their hand.   Having spent a long time now observing events of this kind, I am always cautious about mystery investors, but let's hope for Diamonds fans that it works out.

Rushden & Diamonds expelled from Conference

Financially troubled Rushden & Diamonds have been expelled from the Conference.  A full statement issued by the club can be found here.

This looks like the end of the dream realised by former owner Max Griggs that saw the Northamptonshire club win the League 2 championship, have one season in League 1 and play the likes of QPR, now in the Premier League.

Part-time or not?

There was a time when all non-league football clubs were 'semi-professional' i.e., players had other jobs.  Sometimes these were cushy jobs at firms owned by directors.  This particularly applied to 'works' teams affiliated to a particular factory, much less common these days.  However, no one earned their living just through football.

Rushden fans raise £50,000

Rushden and Diamonds have now raised £50,000 in their bid to save the Northamptonshire club.   They are trying to raise £250,000 to stave off the threat of liquidation when two winding-up petitions are heard next month.   It looks as if there were be a clearer view of what is likely to happen within the next week.   If Diamonds do go under, the money will be used to start a phoenix club.

Wombles ready for Football League

I know that many football fans were delighted to see AFC Wimbledon win promotion to the Football League in a penalty shoot out yesterday.   It's been a remarkable story and a great victory for fan power.   However, I do feel sorry for Luton Town who have also been victims of the football authorities.  They don't deserve to be playing in the Conference and they are only doing so because of some harsh treatment.

Manager storms out in car rage

The world of football can be very strange sometimes and non-league football even more so.  But I can't recall a case before where a manager has left a club having won promotion because he was dissatisfied with the quality of car he was offered.    Admittedly, there were other issues at stake as well, but the car seems to have been a major grievance.

Is merger the answer for Rushden and Kettering?

Merger is a normal reorganisation device in business, although most mergers are not the coming together of two equal partners but the acquisition of a weaker firm by a stronger one.   However, football is a business not like any other and mergers are rare events, although they do occur sometimes, e.g., Hayes and Yeading.

Rushden's troubles multiply

The troubles of Rushden & Diamonds have multiplied after the club lost the staging of the England C International Challenge Trophy with Portugal on May 19th.  The match has been moving to the Sixfields ground of rivals Northampton Town.  

Getting back to the Football League

It's not easy to get back to the Football League once you've been relegated to the Conference.  Of the fourteen teams relegated from League Two since 2004, only three have returned (although Luton Town could still add to their number this year).   Carlisle were the only team to bounce back straight away and it took Oxford United, a well-resourced and supported club, four seasons.   Two teams (Boston United and re-formed Chester) now play at a lower level.

Crisis at Rushden deepens

The financial crisis at former benefactor club Rushden and Diamonds FC has deepened.   A major creditor has issued a winding-up petition following the imposition of a five point penalty by the Conference.  Diamonds were given their punishment after being found guilty of misconduct over their returns as part of the league's Financial Reporting Initiative.