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Ben Hayes - Charlton Athletic programme



Economic downturn hits players

Media commentary on players tends to focus on high earners with glamorous lifestyles.   But there are actually more players who are struggling to make a living in the Conference or Leagues 1 and 2.   At this level, it has been suggested that squads are being cut by an average of five to save money which reduces the job opportunities available.  

Crisis deepens at Kettering

Kettering Town FC's owner  Imraan Ladak has indicated that he may be prepared to sell the cash strapped Conference club.  Ladak blames the players for the club's plight.  He says that they do not train hard enough, eat the wrong foods and 'go out at night' (presumably this is not an implication that they are the undead).

The entire squad has been transfer listed.   As many as ten could leave by the loan deadline today, making it difficult to field a team on Saturday.

Stadium for Cornwall gets green light

The chairman of financially troubled Truro City, Kevin Heaney, has claimed that the absence of planning permission for a new stadium was holding back the club's future development.   The Planning Committee of Cornwall Council gave its outline consent yesterday for the Stadium for Cornwall project.

Truro in big trouble

Ambitious Truro City are the leading club in Cornwall and they are in even bigger financial trouble than was realised earlier.   Their players have not been paid for a month and they owe £100,000 to Revenue and Customs (HMRC).   They have been given until 16 January by the High Court to settle their bill or face closure.

Light! More light!

New Football League criteria for the standard of floodlights that have to be met by the 2014-15 season may hit financially struggling clubs in Leagues 1 and 2 hard, as well as those Conference clubs that aspire to Football League status.   Most Championship club either meet the new standards or could afford to do so.

Ultimatum at Darlo

Darlington chairman, millionaire property developer Raj Singh, has issued an ultimatum to his former manager and players demanding they accept a 25 per cut in wages, otherwise the club could go into oblivion.

Grimsby opt for new stadium

Grimsby Town FC think that a move away from Blundell Park to a multi-purpose community stadium is the best way forward for the former Football League club who were at one time in the second division.  At an average of around 3,000 Grimsby's attendances are the fourth best in the non-league, but some fans argue that a better standard of football would attract even more to attend.

Stags may opt for new stadium

Mansfield Town FC are considering moving to a new stadium in the latest stage in their battle with previous owner and landlord Keith Haslam.    Five sites are under consideration.   Chairman John Radford unveiled the 'Plan B' in his programme notes for yesterday's game against Grimsby.

New stadium key to York's future

York City FC's planning application for a new stadium holds the key to their future.   The club owe £2m to the Football Stadia Improvement Fund of the Football Foundation.   York borrowed the money to purchase thier Bootham Crescent ground and will need either to repay this sum or convert it to a grant by September 2013.

Wrexham deal agreed

The fans are set to become the new owners of Wrexham FC, with a takeover deal completed. Wrexham Supporters' Trust (WST), which has been the preferred bidder, said it would take over the day-to-day running of the club on Tuesday.

Earlier, one of the club's owners Geoff Moss threatened to talk to a rival unless he received a deposit by 5 p.m. yesterday.  A joint statement said a 'suitable financial agreement has been reached'.