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"If you want some accessible but informative insight into football then I suggest you couldn't do better than the Political Economy of Football website, which is not only intelligible but comes with the added bonus of being written by Addicks fan Wyn Grant."
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South American Leagues


Brazil Football Clubs Ranked by Turnover (US$) 2005 to 2006

Source: By kind permission of Casual Auditores Independentes S/S of Brazil - All figures are stated in US$. Copyright remains with Casual - address: R. Pamplona 818 Suite 11, 01405-001 São Paulo - SP, Tel/Fax:55(11) 3284 - 4871, Tel: 55(11) 3253 - 8516

Casual Auditores annual survey on the financial situation of Brazilian soccer. Covering 21 clubs and including expert comment from the analysts. You can see copies here:

State Bails Out Argentine Football

It had to happen sooner or later: a government bailing out a financially inept football industry dissatisfied with its television contract. And what was the betting that it would happen in Argentina, a fanatical football nation where presidents know they have to engage in crowd-pleasing populist politics? Nevertheless, this is quite a step even for the country's populist First Family, president Cristina Fernández and her husband and predecessor Néstor Kirchner.

Debt Crisis Threatens Argentine Season

Argentine football fans face the prospect of a delayed start, and possibly the suspension, of the coming season. Argentine Football Association (AFA) spokesman Chequis Blaio said that 'No games will start at any level.' Not surprisingly, this upset some of the most dedicated fans in the world and the AFA headquarters was sprayed with graffiti. Tension between the country's top clubs and cable television providers has been brewing for weeks as the country's top league teams trying to extricate themselves from debts estimated at $300m.

Jamaican Football Clubs Under Pressure

Despite the increased sponsorship money negotiated by the Premier League Clubs Association (PLCA), the majority of the 12 participating clubs in Jamaica's Digicel Premier League, are bracing for the worst in the current economic climate. Each club now receives an average of $Jamaican 4m a season (about £35,000) or more than five times the $J 750,000 they would have received three years ago.

Brazil is Leading Exporter of Foreign Players

The third annual review of the European Football Players' Labour Market published by the Professional Football Players Observatory shows that the percentage of foreign players with clubs in the top flight of each of the five main European leagues (England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain) continues to increase. The number of Latin Americans among the foreign players rose by 2 per cent against players from other parts of the world. Non-European players now represent 50 per cent of the total number of foreign players.

Top 10 Brazilian Football Clubs

We've recently received the latest report from Casual Auditores Independentes on the finances of Brazilian football clubs and very interesting reading it is too. 21 clubs are covered and we encourage you to check out it out - the link above is to a pdf copy. You will see a very thorough analysis including breakdowns of revenue streams and a special focus on EBITDA and financial liabilities, but here are some brief highlights: