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European Leagues


Top clubs want to ring fence Champions League

Leicester City may have every prospect of qualifying for the Champions League this season, but the chances of a club outside the elite taking part will be reduced in future if the European Club Association gets its way.

They are concerned that too many big clubs are finding their way to the competition barred, particularly in the more competitive English and Italian leagues.

Bundesliga continues to thrive

The German Bundesliga continues to thrive, reporting record financial results for the 11th year in a row. With a reputation for reasonable ticket prices, the league reported a seventh year of record revenues, up 7 per cent at €2,6bn.

Profits increased to €51m, up by 31 per cent.

European Super League is back on the agenda

The idea of a European Super League, first raised in 1998, is back on the agenda.   Karl-Heinz Rummnenigge, the chief executive of Bayern Munich,  raised it at a forum at Bocconi University in Italy.

What he had in mind was a competition, either under the auspices of Uefa or privately run, with 20 or so top clubs from England, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.   A few games might be played in the United States or Asia.

Barca want to be first €1bn club

Barcelona have a six year plan to become the first club with €1bn in revenues.  Current revenues are €600m and it is felt necessary to lift them to counter the growing financial clout of the Premier League.

How long would you have to work to afford a footballer's car?

This site enables you to calculate how long you would have to work to afford a footballer's car.   For example, Cristiano Ronaldo would only have to work for one hour to afford my ageing hatchback.  

His special edition Ferrari is worth £847,000 and he could pay for it with three weeks' wages (presumably gross rather than after deduction of tax which would be complicated).   It would take me eleven years to afford the same car (assuming I spent nothing on anything else).

Financial hit from United exit significant

The financial effects of Manchester United's exit from the Champions League at the hands of Wolfsburg are significant, but far from devastating.   The blow to their prestige is probably greater.

Revenues for 2014-15 fell by £37.8m largely because of United's failure to qualify for the Champions League.   However, United only budget to reach the quarter finals of the Champions League each year so the cost will be only around £5m on that basis.   It will be more than offeset by the new Premier League broadcasting deal.

Best ever financial results for Bayern Munich

Increasingly looking like the leading European team, Bayern Munich have announced the best ever financial results in their 115-year history.   Turnover is up to £368m, although that still leaves them slightly behind Barcelona and Real Madrid in terms of revenue.

Empty seats at the Emirates

The announced attendance for Arsenal's Champions League game against Dynamo Zagreb was 58,798, but it seems that the actual attendance was around 50,000.   Clubs, of course, customarily include season ticket holders in attendance figures whether they are there or not.

Spain's third force

For a long time Spanish football has been dominated by a duopoly of Real Madrid and Barcelona.  The championship victory of Atlético Madrid in 2013-14, along with their Champions League final, challenged that pattern.

Why Bayern Munich dominates the Bundesliga

Some commentators think that Bayern Munich are currently the strongest team in Europe.  Certainly, their recent mauling of Arsenal would point in that direction.