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Spanish Liga


How will Real Madrid pay for Ronaldo?

Real Madrid have said that they have a €300m transfer budget his summer, but €68m went on Kaká followed by €92m on Ronaldo. It is understood that €100m will come from cash in hand, €100m from additional revenues hopefully generated by new players and €100m from bank loans. The Spanish economy may be in dire straits, with banks not lending to anyone, but they have been prepared to give Real Madrid a four year €300m facility.

How Will United Spend The Money?

En route to a football workshop in Amsterdam last Thursday, I was diverted into the Sky News studios at Isleworth to give my views on how Manchester United might spend the money they have obtained from the £80m deal to sell Ronaldo to Real Madrid. Whilst United has very large debts, it is able to service them from its still growing revenue stream. That stream depends on continued success on the pitch so a good proportion of the money will be spent on players, in particular on up-and-coming players with potential whose value can be developed.

Spanish Television Football Broadcast Rights Finally Settled

While most of the Spanish sports media concentrated on the double transfers of Kaká and Ronaldo to Real Madrid, another important football-related event occurred last week in the Spanish capital. After three years of court cases, confusion and chaos the broadcast rights to La Liga and the Copa del Rey (the Spanish FA Cup) were finally settled.

Serie A The Fastest Growing League

Serie A was the fastest growing league in Europe in the 2007/8 season reveals the latest Deloitte Football Finance report. Total revenue increased by €357m (34 per cent) to €1.4 billion. The change of mix of clubs in Serie A for 2007/08, notably Juventus' return, contributed two-thirds of the increase. The other clubs increased revemues by c. €120m aided by new broadcasting contracts. La Liga recorded a 8 per cent (€112m) growth in revenue to €1.4 billion, placing it joint second with the Bundesliga which grew by 4 per cent (€59m).

Gloomy View of Spanish Football

A study by a professor of finance and economics at the University of Barcelona, Professor Jose Maria Gay, takes a gloomy view (perhaps excessively so) of the future of Spanish football in the context of the global economic crisis. 'Spanish football is bankrupt,' he declared.

Real Madrid Tops Money League

Deloitte's annual Football Money League, which analyses revenues in the 2007-8 season, shows Real Madrid, Manchester United and Barcelona retaining their top three positions. Manchester United saw revenue increase by 21 per cent and only the depreciation of sterling against the euro prevented it from coming top. Overall attendances for the top 20 clubs are slightly up in the first four months of the season compared with the same period last year. Seven of the clubs in the top 20 are English, four are from Italy and the same number are from Germany with two each from Spain and France.

Paul Davidson bid for Real Mallorca

Paul Davidson, the colourful City entrepreneur knwon as the Plumber, is running out of time to clinch a €38m bid to become the first foreign owner of a Spanish football team. Davidson, who this summer agreed to buy Real Mallorca, now has only a few days to seal the deal after requesting an extension to raise finance. If Davidson fails, former Newcastle chairman Freddie Shepherd and an unnamed Russian oligarch could step in. Real Mallorca is a mid-ranking La Liga team.

Why The 39th Game Is Still On

Premiership chief executive Richard Scudamore still thinks that a 39th game played abroad is essential to secure the future of the competition. He argues that the only reason that the model of distribution of half the domestic rights income and all the foreign rights income equally is that 'the revenues are so large, enabling us to divide the income without the top clubs crying foul.