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Spanish Liga


Barcelona and Real Madrid are most popular European clubs

Barcelona and Real Madrid are the two most popular football clubs in Europe according to a survey conducted by German sports consultancy Sports + Markt.   They interviewed 10,200 fans acrooss Europe who were asked to name their favourite club or clubs.   They were allowed multiple answers. 

Profits up at Real Madrid

Real Madrid claimed to have the highest revenues of any sports institution in the world after they announced that the club's net profit for the 2009-10 season jumped 11.5 per cent from the year before.  Despite spending more than €250m on new players the club reported annual profits of €24m, up from €21.5m a year before.

Foreign TV rights key to Premiership success

The sale of foreign television rights is increasingly become a key element of the Premiership business model.   The sale of overseas television rights at £479m a year is almost four times as much as the foreign TV cash earned by its closest rival among Europe's top leagues, La Liga.  The Premier League earns more from foreign rights each year than La Liga earns from all its tv rights.

La Liga's debt burden

La Liga's new season starts next season with its clubs shouldering a bigger debt burden than the English Premiership.  According to figures compiled by Professor Jose Maria Gay of the University of Barcelona, La Liga's 20 clubs have a total debt of £3.04bn.   The total debt of the English Premiership's clubs is estimated at £2.2bn with almost a third of that accounted by Manchester United's £761m.

La Liga in a worse state than Premiership

La Liga is in a worse financial state than the Premiership according to Stefan Szymanski, football economics guru at the Cass Business School, in a Radio 5 interview this morning.   He said that apart from Real Madrid and Barcelona, all the teams in La Liga were in financial trouble (and even Barcelona have their problems).  Asked why Real Madrid were able to splash out so much cash year after year, he said that their finances were not very transparent but there were evidently poltical considerations involved.

What does a European victory in the World Cup mean?

A European country will win the World Cup tonight and a European country is already in third place.  What does this success for Europe mean, in particular for the future of football?

Barca seeks loan to pay player's wages

They may be one of the biggest spending clubs in Europe and their players will make up the bulk of the Spanish team in tonight's world cup clash with Germany, but Barcelona are seeking a €150m loan to pay player and staff wages.

La Liga's problems deepen

As the economic crisis affecting Spain and the eurozone deepens, it is hitting La Liga which was already facing serious financial problems.   Only Barcelona, Real Madrid and the little-known CD Numancia are making a profit.  As Uefa prepares to ratify its financial fair play rules, there are concerns that La Liga could be affected as much as the English Premier League.  The problems of the Spanish competition have led to an interesting analysis publis

Real Mallorca applies for administration

Real Mallorca is the latest club to apply for the Spanish form of bankruptcy administration, but their troubles are the latest symptom of the problems affecting La Liga clubs outside the big two.   Even Real Madrid have faced financial challenges not so long ago, but their clout is such that they were able to find a route out of them.

Relocation is all the rage for Spanish clubs

Relocation as a means of modernisation is a strategy currently favoured by a number of Spanish clubs, but it's not all been plain sailing.  Espanyol started the trend by moving from the unpopular Montjuic ground to much more up market surroundings at their sparkling new Cornella-El Prat home.