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German Bundesliga


Is the German model that superior?

The latest conventional wisdom is that the German football model represented by the Bundesliga has established itself as a better one than that of the Premiership.

The first piece of evidence cited for this view is the all-German final in the Champions League and the relatively poor performance of Premiership clubs in the competition.  Methodologically, this is not a sound argument.   It's what is called an individualistic fallacy, generalising from an individual case.

Sky Deutschland hits pay dirt

Its cheap tickets are the toast of the supporters' movement, and lazy commentators are predicting that it will knock the Premiership off its perch, but the Bundesliga is also boosting the profits of Sky Deutschland. Last year they extended their Bundesliga match rights until the 2016-17 season and it's already looking like a good buy.

Would Uefa's FFP rules stand up in court?

We have consistently taken the view that Uefa's financial fair play (FFP) rules are open to challenge in court.    It is therefore interesting to see Belgian lawyer Jean-Louis Dupont, who was part of the team who won the Bosman case in 1995, arguing a similar case in the Wall Street Journal.

Bayern need to go global

Bayern Munich are the fourth highest earning club in the world with an estimated annual revenue of £317m.    According to Sport+Markt their supporters account for a quarter of all fans in Germany.   There are 195,000 members and quarter of a million more in fan clubs.

However, the market is now saturated.   Former player and club adviser Paul Breitner told TheTimes, 'We cannot expand any more in Europe.   We must look further, to Asia, to Latin America, to find new markets.'

BT interested in ESPN's football rights

BT is in discussions to acquire football rights from sports broadcaster ESPN as the Disney-owned channel explores an exit from the UK.   The rights that are available include matches from the Bundesliga, Europa League and FA Cup.   However, BSkyB is also interested.

Real Madrid break through €500m revenue threshold

Real Madrid has become the first club in any sport to surpass the €500m revenue threshold in a single year, according to the 16th edition of the Football Money League from Deloitte, the business advisory firm. The Spanish club achieved a €33.1m (7%) increase in revenue to €512.6m, and in doing so has claimed the top position in the Money League for a record equalling eighth year, matching Manchester United’s reign from 1996/97 to 2003/04.

Bundesliga breaks through €2bn barrier

The Bundesliga broke through the €2bn barrier in terms of revenues in the 2011-12 season, a 7.2 per cent rise on the prevous season.    Clubs recorded an aggregate of €55m in post-tax profits with 14 out of 18 clubs showing a profit.

What is particularly significant is that the ratio of expenditure on playing staff and coaches to revenue was 37.8.   Most clubs in England do not achieve the 50 per cent level recommended by Deloitte with many recording figures in the seventies or eighties.

Is the Bundesliga such a good deal?

It's a very familiar argument these days to say that the Bundesliga is more fan friendly than the Premier League.   When it comes to allowing fans to stand one can see the argument.   But what about ticket prices?

Football economics guru Stefan Szymanski has taken an in depth look at the two leagues in terms of both attendances and prices.   Some of his findings are counter intuitive.   The Bundesliga has actually increased prices in real terms by 45 per cent since 2004.

Germans claim win in shirt sponsorship league

According to a new report from International Marketing Reports, overall primary shirt sponsorship deals have a greater value in the English Premiership, but averaged by club, the Germans just edge it.

For the 2010/11 season, total shirt sponsorship for the Premier League amounted to €128m whereas Bundesliga clubs achieved €121m.   However, given that the Premiership has two more clubs, the average deal value was €6.4m compared with €6.72m in Germany.

Football market continues to grow

Against a background of recession and economic turbulence in Europe people are continuing to enjoy their football.   The latest report from Deloitte Sports Business shows that the football market is continuing to grow, although the Bundesliga remains the most profitable league.

Here are some highlights we have not covered in earlier reports: